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English: Tweeting bird, derived from the initi...
English: Tweeting bird, derived from the initial ‘t’ of Twitter Deutsch: Twitschervogel, entwickelt aus dem Anfangs-‘t’ von Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people I know,  work with, socialise with, don’t tweet or read blogs.  I didn’t until the last couple of years.  I have blogged about the unexpected pleasures of both.

I wonder about all those people who aren’t involved in the conversation,  So, to those readers of my blog who have had the same thoughts, I have written here a brief invitation for you to share with people who haven’t/don’t/won’t/”can’t etc.

Dear you

My first year of tweeting has given me the opportunity to hear different perspectives, to ask for (and receive) help, to create a new network, to become part of a new community and to gain stimulus, energy and brain food from a wide range of sources.

It has given me the opportunity amble, meander and aimlessly wonder through conversations.  I get more from this than from any magazine I have ever read.

I have wasted some time and used twitter as a procrastination tool.  Before twitter, I had many devious ways to put off important tasks.  I’m still good at it but twitter is a little more fun, lots more informative and tends to be two way.

Blogging has given me an opportunity to express my thoughts from time to time; I’ve used it retrospectively as part of my CPD, and I hope sometimes something I have written has meant something to someone else.

Blogging has allowed me to tap into so many brains, minds, hearts, intellects.  Find many generous spirits, and active minds.  As I write, I’ve just finished reading the HR juggler’s story of running, and am tweeting with her and HR hopeful to encourage me in my running endeavours.

Dear you, there are many interesting and enjoyable and useless useful and cheeky debates taking place via twitter and blogs.  It’s there in your own network already, but the diaspora of your own professional, personal, interests spreads much wider than you could imagine, and there are more people out there who are like you, and you who share your passions than you may believe possible.

Dear you, go on.  Subscribe to a few blogs, join in the comments.  You picked up the phone, you stamped a letter, you sent your first email; this is just an evolutionary step forward in our desire to connect, exchange, argue, reach out, ignore, love, loathe,, explore, discuss, and expand.

Step through the wardrobe into a bigger consciousness.

Then we can talk about yammer.

Here are the bloggers that first drew me in; each one has a list of  bloggers they like, so it’s like a sweetshop, with some bitter lemon amongst the bon bons.  You can pick and mix to suit your taste.  Chewy toffees mixed with sticky caramels, or a sharp boiled sweet  and a sherbet dib dab.

the cynical girl

My Hell is Other People

Here is the person who took time to explain it all to me, I just picked up the phone, trusted he was like he said he was and he gave me his time @billboorman

Here’s a thoughtful, insightful, human blog The HR Juggler

Here’s a runaway punk Academy of Rock

Here’s truth. Stop doing dumb things

Here’s  Flipchart Rick clever, dark, gloomy, thought provoking.

Here’s a push and a challenge Masters or Bust

Here’s an amazing community connectingHR – don’t let the HR inhibit you.

These aren’t the only loves of my blog life, but they are the formative ones.  I hope that you read my bloglettertwitmissive and you jump in.

One thought on “Share this and come to the sweetshop

  1. Thanks ever so much for the mention Meg, I do appreciate it. This is a winning tale – I don’t know many people who don’t like sweets 🙂 Your evolutionary point is well made and I am confident people will read this, learn from it, and have a go. Cheers – Doug

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