This is a question that I’m often asked.  Here’s some of the stuff I’m working on currently, and other things I have done during the last couple of years.  You can read testimonials on my linked in page and on my website.

Providing consultancy shape a new and different culture for two organisations that have merged.

As part of the CAKEPD team, facilitating workshops for women in tech with BT – confidence and impact one day events, conflict and webinars for global participants.

Working with a housing organisation who want to make their organisation a good place to work, where people and processes are managed well and with good heart.  It’s about raising aspirations through shared conversations.  I design and facilitate workshops, coaching, 360 feedback, design and planning what next, surfacing and working with conflict and creating spaces for people to talk about their aspirations.

Recruiting Trustees, key staff and advising and facilitating on good governance for Drake Music.

Coaching senior managers in a global financial services organisation, housing, Tech, Construction.

Researching and writing reports evaluating funding impact

Work with internal OD and change teams to build their ability to work with the complexity of organisational life; master classes, coaching, co-facilitating and co-creating ways of working more effectively.

Debriefing cultural surveys (OCI) for executive teams and boards

Teaching people to create a Thinking Environment

Facilitate meetings/away days/team events/strategic planning events.

Design and facilitate conferences.

Group coaching

Facilitate fringe events at conferences with Doug under our umbrella CONFER




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