The elephant is a wardrobe

After months of thinking and wondering, pondering and floundering,  my experience at #ldcu last week propelled me to write my first blog and enter into the world of twitter.  I went through the back of the wardrobe and found a different place.

It’s been a week and I’m sort of reeling.   I’m overwhelmed by a  sensory overload of chatter, information, sharing, collaboration, ideas and opportunities.   I know it’ll begin to normalise, balance itself out and I’ll impose a discipline upon myself so that it’s not quite the  draw on my time that it has been these last few days.  I’m breathless trying to keep up with it all, compose my own thoughts and deal with the ideas and energy that has been stimulated in me.  Is it even real?

@kyliesquelch used Narnia as a metaphor at #ldcu and it just triggered something for me..   As I experience it, this expanded space is like Narnia – I have been transported to another dimension of human consciousness;  a more intense awakeness; a sense of bigger possibilities.   An adventure.

I know it’s not all light and love and sharing, I know darkness exists and lurks in the space beyond the back of the wardrobe.  I do however believe the energy and desire  to build trust and relationships through the social collaborative  space is the greater force.

As we come together with more open minds, the potential for learning, changing, growing, and doing is increasing, multiplying and shaping into a new consciousness.   Some think that it is an imaginary world, that nothing will change – but it’s already changed because the back of the wardrobe has opened up forever.  The two worlds are irrevocably opened to each other.

There’s no elephant in the room;  it’s a wardrobe – and it’s opened up for everyone.