Apophenia. Commitment.

Yoga, jam, CPD and those dang consultants.

These are a few things which have occupied my time and my thoughts this week and there is something that connects them together.


I love yoga.  I LOVE it.    When I can’t attend my class I go for one with  someone else.  It’s all yoga, but none of it is Halina.  This week I went to a Hatha class and the teacher joked that she didn’t know what sort of yoga it, it was “her” Yoga.  I felt a little apprehension.  My teacher is so grounded in Hatha, the principles, the philosophy, it’s transferred into every breath.  I know she goes to classes herself, and she recently cancelled a class as a hero came to the UK and she was desperate to spend the day with him.  She loves her learning and is an exceptional teacher.  She is committed to it.   My surrogate yoga had candles to create the atmosphere.  I got the impression she hadn’t been to any classes recently.   It was OK, she was bendy and nice.   I enjoyed it.

My teacher simply brings her beautiful voice and stillness to create the setting and her commitment to each of us and herself.


My jam was #facilitationjam.    Not sure I can describe the depth and meaning of the experience, or that I want to, but I can say that eight of us who regularly work with groups and individuals in a range of organisational settings gathered together for a #facilitation jam.  Exploring group processes together, experimenting and creating a learning experience together, it was powerful, challenging, thought provoking and a drum kit load of other adjectives that may not have any purchase here, but it was significant.  There was strong commitment in the group to be true to each individual self and to the learning process.


CPD events, slides, presentations, sales pitches, networking drinks, canapes, conferences.  Yawnsome sometimes.     Low commitment, box ticking.   From a personal perspective, my CPD is of paramount importance.   I am committed to it. I have supervision, group supervision, am studying at the moment, attend events, read books, review books; it’s a long list and I could go on.  The jam was my time and the cost of a hotel and quite a lot of wine.  But what an investment.

A paying event, where someone’s selling a book, or the latest idea –  or a co-created exploration and challenge?

Those dang consultants

So we then come to the thorny issue of those dang consultants.  It’s never easy money, it’s never easy work.  But I love it.  I love the variety, I love the stretch, I love that I can only ever be my best, I love the richness of experience of working with different organisations and helping them see through alternative lenses.  Right now, I’m working with a charity as they go through transformation, another evaluating the impact of their work, local government looking at culture and coaching, financial services coaching and values,.  I’m mentoring a couple of wonderful women, and coaching others. They all get value from the range of assignments and projects I work on.

I am no thought leader, guru, expert, or egoist.  Sometimes I am embarrassed at introducing myself as a consultant. I don’t love that; People seem to have so many negative experiences, seem to have experienced so many egos.   Pick people to work with you that people can engage with.  Leave your consultants with some front line staff; they”ll know who’s real.

I walk alongside the people I work with and experience what they experience, because I want to.  I am committed to it and to them.

Something for everyone here.

Project Libero

This is the 2nd in a short series of blogs informed by a day’s workshop on Narrative Coaching with Dr David Drake.

How does one measure time? Is it via the precision of an atomic clock or the passing of the seasons. Maybe you divide time in to work and play or night and day? There certainly seems to be a relentless pressure on our time. Many of the devices invented were thought of in order to save us time, washing machines for example or computers. Many of us live in a world predominantly organised by chunks of time, punctuated by deadlines, many of them not of our own making.

It was interesting therefore to hear David state that

Time is elastic, its about the quality of our experience, not the duration

David was talking about how clients order time in their memory but I want to focus…

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There is no them, just us, together.

The HR Juggler


Some posts take a huge amount of courage to write. Whilst many guest blogs in this series have been uplifting and inspiring, this one is much darker and more troubling. And yet, it is perhaps the most of important of all to publish, because it is a first hand account of a topic we still shy away from discussing openly: mental health.

The author has requested to remain anonymous and I absolutely respect that. I am certain that you will do too.


I wake to the sound of screaming, half crazed I stumble across the bridge from the dream to the real world and realise that I’m the one who is screaming. My heart races impossibly. Terror holds me in its grip. Slowly I calm, the sweat runs down, forming an ice cold patch at the small of my back. Just another night.

So different from the evening before. The medication…

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Share this and come to the sweetshop

English: Tweeting bird, derived from the initi...
English: Tweeting bird, derived from the initial ‘t’ of Twitter Deutsch: Twitschervogel, entwickelt aus dem Anfangs-‘t’ von Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people I know,  work with, socialise with, don’t tweet or read blogs.  I didn’t until the last couple of years.  I have blogged about the unexpected pleasures of both.

I wonder about all those people who aren’t involved in the conversation,  So, to those readers of my blog who have had the same thoughts, I have written here a brief invitation for you to share with people who haven’t/don’t/won’t/”can’t etc.

Dear you

My first year of tweeting has given me the opportunity to hear different perspectives, to ask for (and receive) help, to create a new network, to become part of a new community and to gain stimulus, energy and brain food from a wide range of sources.

It has given me the opportunity amble, meander and aimlessly wonder through conversations.  I get more from this than from any magazine I have ever read.

I have wasted some time and used twitter as a procrastination tool.  Before twitter, I had many devious ways to put off important tasks.  I’m still good at it but twitter is a little more fun, lots more informative and tends to be two way.

Blogging has given me an opportunity to express my thoughts from time to time; I’ve used it retrospectively as part of my CPD, and I hope sometimes something I have written has meant something to someone else.

Blogging has allowed me to tap into so many brains, minds, hearts, intellects.  Find many generous spirits, and active minds.  As I write, I’ve just finished reading the HR juggler’s story of running, and am tweeting with her and HR hopeful to encourage me in my running endeavours.

Dear you, there are many interesting and enjoyable and useless useful and cheeky debates taking place via twitter and blogs.  It’s there in your own network already, but the diaspora of your own professional, personal, interests spreads much wider than you could imagine, and there are more people out there who are like you, and you who share your passions than you may believe possible.

Dear you, go on.  Subscribe to a few blogs, join in the comments.  You picked up the phone, you stamped a letter, you sent your first email; this is just an evolutionary step forward in our desire to connect, exchange, argue, reach out, ignore, love, loathe,, explore, discuss, and expand.

Step through the wardrobe into a bigger consciousness.

Then we can talk about yammer.

Here are the bloggers that first drew me in; each one has a list of  bloggers they like, so it’s like a sweetshop, with some bitter lemon amongst the bon bons.  You can pick and mix to suit your taste.  Chewy toffees mixed with sticky caramels, or a sharp boiled sweet  and a sherbet dib dab.

the cynical girl

My Hell is Other People

Here is the person who took time to explain it all to me, I just picked up the phone, trusted he was like he said he was and he gave me his time @billboorman

Here’s a thoughtful, insightful, human blog The HR Juggler

Here’s a runaway punk Academy of Rock

Here’s truth. Stop doing dumb things

Here’s  Flipchart Rick clever, dark, gloomy, thought provoking.

Here’s a push and a challenge Masters or Bust

Here’s an amazing community connectingHR – don’t let the HR inhibit you.

These aren’t the only loves of my blog life, but they are the formative ones.  I hope that you read my bloglettertwitmissive and you jump in.

Halls are made for Madness

L&D connect unconference is on again, 28 January 2013.  If you want to explore possibilities, challenge your thinking, find people to connect with, exchange ideas and enjoy yourself – then this is a great space.    Read more about it here.


I have been inspired in many ways by my rather random attendance earlier this year.  The unconference format is liberating; I’m using it in my work, and creating something rather exciting with a client.     I have connected and am still connecting with so many interesting people, and it is so good to go somewhere where no-one is trying to sell anything, or pitch you, and where everyone comes offering enquiry, encouragement and exploration.

Unconference – if you haven’t experienced it, come and try it.  It’s for anyone interested in people and organisations – it’s about life.

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