Impossible is an opinion

I remember a few years ago, when staying in a rather glamorous hotel in Madrid, watching a film in Spanish in an attempt to accelerate my understanding of the Spanish vernacular.  Rioja may have been involved.    An advertisement came on, the screen was utterly  dominated by the fascinating face of Muhammad Ali with his glorious voice telling me –  “impossible is an opinion”.

This stayed with me,  it grabbed my attention, it made me think.  I’m still thinking – and here are some of my thoughts.

We are full of unrealised potential, never ending potential, beautiful potential, angry potential, strength, grace, rage, sorrow, joy.   Our potential has no boundaries.

We need each other to  help us get unstuck, unlock, unblock and to move into the unknown.  We need each other to discover that which is possible, to release our potency.

Potency descibes our Inherent capacity for growth and development our potentiality  – potency is where the word potential comes from.  I was asked to recognise my own potency recently.  So much thinking.  So much seeing.

Sukh invites us to think about the fruition of potential, Sara asks me to think about my potency.  I see how it connects.   I think too that freedom comes from embracing our potency; if we don’t think about what we are not, but think about what we could be, impossible really is just an opinion.

A final thought; have you read  Bounce by Matthew Syed?  He does a pretty good job challenging our beliefs about talent.  I wonder – if we exchanged the word talent for potential – what greater potency could be released into organisations.


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