Management, the new leadership by Meg Peppin

In July, David Goddin invited guest bloggers to write something in response to the statement “there is no such thing as management”. It was a great series which you can read on David’s blog; this was mine.

People Performance Potential

Welcome to the 4th week in this series and the 7th guest blog post in response to the statement that “There is no such thing as Management”.

Today’s post comes from Meg Peppin (@OD_Optimist). Sharing her own experiences,  I like the sense of balanced management versus unbalanced leadership her piece conveys. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Management, the new leadership

Amongst the writing about leadership we often read about authenticity and humility; I don’t believe that these are the preserve of those highest in the hierarchy, with the most seniority. Leadership can and does come from all levels within the organisation, although when I have worked with senior people who can inspire great things in others – they are both authentic and brave enough to be humble.

Somewhere there has been some contamination of leadership ideals; egos have been fuelled by huge financial gains, and the more money people…

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