Ever fallen into a trap?

The ones you set for yourself?  You know them?

I have, and sometimes it’s easy to say no, and sometimes I’m uncertain, and sometimes I’m sure I don’t want to but find myself drawn into a current,  and before I know it, to quote Neil Usher, I’m sucking up something I left behind.

It often starts with a small assumption, a minor detail not clarified, some (unasked for) trust that others have the same priorities and values that you have.

I learn, I listen, my courage to state my needs grows, my insight to understand my needs and to ask for what I want becomes a little easier.

I get sucked into a system, and sometimes spat out, but I always knew, something. Before.


Be silent.

Stay with your discomfort.

Hold on to your heartbeat.

And ask for whatever it is you need.


One thought on “Ever fallen into a trap?

  1. This is splendid. I remember you telling me about what Neil said just the other day and I love how you’ve used it in the story you’ve told. Great collaboration 🙂

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