Making, creating, connecting and reaching out

In addition to my consultancy work, I  work for Drake Music; here’s our vision

“Non-disabled people can make music in many ways and at many different levels. Our vision is a world where disabled people have the same range of opportunities, and a culture of integrated music-making, where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals.”

We are blogging and tweeting about something we are creating; I’d like to invite readers of my own blog to read this blog, RT it out, get involved, put us in contact with people you think may be interested in helping; have resources that we could use.  Thanks for taking the time to do this.

 We’re creating something unique and we’d like to invite you to get involved and co-create it together.  It started off as a dream about an unconference, and is beginning to become a reality that is about discovery and inclusion.

“We discussed providing a space, virtual and real for stuff to happen; live streams, audio boos, live tweeting and blogging, using technology to co-create across distance, playing with technology to see what can happen.  Simple music making space, composition, demo-ing what we can do, pushing the boundaries of what we can do.  Playing with music, technology, ideas, thoughts – hacking what we have to create something new.”

At Drake Music, we aim to remove disabling barriers so people of all ages, abilities and communities can access and progress in music making.  Our ambition for our making, creating, connecting and reaching out is to bring as many people together as possible to help us broaden our reach and bust a few barriers.  We want disabled musicians everywhere to feel connected, to identify potential for collaborations, and to play, play, play with music and technology. We need some stuff to make this happen in early May 2013 and welcome your input:

  • we would love to hear from disabled musicians/artists interested in developing these ideas and help create the event
  • a  beautifully accessible space that is big enough to accommodate disabled musicians, artists, tecchies, teachers, thinkers, funders…. – do you know of somewhere, do you own somewhere; what could you suggest?
  • a fully accessible virtual space so you can connect with us wherever you are – we need your thoughts and ideas!
  • we always welcome funding; the more funding we have, the more we can do with our making, creating, connecting, reaching & discovery.

Please share this, tweet it, blog it, reblog it, talk about it, email it, print it, pin it up somewhere.


Martin Couzins @martincouzins;
Meg Peppin @OD_optimist;
Carien Meijer


2 thoughts on “Making, creating, connecting and reaching out

  1. I like the sound of this, a lot. I can offer a loan of a few things that may be useful, guitars, ukuleles, keyboard, that kind of thing. Maybe more too – I’ll have a rummage in the cupboard. Keep me posted please.


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